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Stage Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

Stage Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

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Discover the Ultimate Fusion:
Stage Bluetooth Speaker with Immersive Audio and Dazzling Disco Lights! Elevate your music experience with seamless Bluetooth connectivity, USB storage, TF card support, and AUX input. The built-in lithium battery and USB power charging ensure non-stop entertainment at home or on the go. Transform any space into a vibrant party with this dynamic audio-visual experience. Elevate your sound, light up your space, and let the party begin! 
Key Features:
Bluetooth Wireless Connection: Seamlessly connect your devices to the speaker via Bluetooth for a tangle-free and convenient music playback experience. Enjoy the freedom to control your playlist from a distance.

USB Storage Music Playback: Plug in your USB storage device and let the speaker play your favorite tunes directly, providing you with versatile options for music enjoyment.

TF Card Support: The Stage Bluetooth Speaker supports TF cards, allowing you to play music in mainstream MP3/MAWAV audio formats. It even features a TF card reader for hassle-free access to your music library.

AUX Audio Source Input: Connect your external devices, such as smartphones or tablets, to the speaker via the AUX input for an alternative music source. Versatility is key!

Built-in High-Efficiency Lithium Battery: Experience the convenience of a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, ensuring prolonged playback time and reducing the need for constant charging.

USB Power Charging: Keep the music going by easily charging the speaker through a USB power source. Whether it's at home or on the go, you'll never run out of power.

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